Galvalume steel coils product size

Hot galvanized:
      Thickness(mm)   :    0.3~3.0
      Width(mm)   :    600~1600
      Weight (tons)   :    5~14
      Roll diameter(mm)   :    508/610
      Roll outer diameter(mm)   :    MAX:1900
      Coating species   :    Pure plated Zinc coating(GL)
      Zinc Alloy Plating   :   (GL)
      Plated Zinc coating   :    60~275
      Aluminum Zinc coating   :    60~160
Hot galvanized
Heat aluminum zinc plate (volume) is a cold-rolled aluminum pot continuous hot-dip zinc alloy Product formed. The aluminum-zinc alloy coating reasonable ratio; aluminum weight ratio of 55%, zinc weight ratio of 43.4%
Product use
Indoor and outdoor decoration, electrical, electronics, auto parts and pipes and so on.
Product Features
Corrosion resistance   :   Hot galvanized steel showed superior corrosion resistance than galvanized steel in the temperature and salt spray test experiments.
Processing   :   Hot galvanizedWorkability of the steel sheet and galvanized steel sheet the same, especially in the cross-section of the molding to crack than galvanized steel.
Weldability   :   Has excellent weldability.
Painting of   :   When signs do and can be used for general use, do not need to deal with pre-and weathering can be painted, and galvanized steel in need of such treatment.
Additional information galvanized / hot aluminum Product
Surface treatment
Chromate passivation / green passivation / Oiler / light oil coating / no oil / finishing / fingerprint resistant treatment
Surface structure
Spangle / Small spangle / regular spangle
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