Prepainted steel coils specifications

Galvalume steel coils(GL),and Galvalume(GL)steel coil
(3)Zinc coating
Z80-Z275,or AZ60-AZ150(Alu-zinc55%)
(4)Surface treatment
Gloss 15-90,or Matt surface,2/1,2/2
(5)Coating type and thickness
PE,or SMP,or PVDF,or HDP,or PVC
Top/Back coated:20-25um/5-15um(MY)
According to RAL and/or RR standard,
or customer's color sample
(8)And the inner diameter of the coil weight
10 MTMax,ID 508mm or ID 610mm
       The steel sheet coated with an organic coating, the coating can have a variety of Color, color coated steel hence the name, abbreviated coating, also known as organic coated steel. Because color coated steel plate molding is first coated before coating, in a foreign country, also known as pre-coated steel. Color-coated organic coating covering the isolation effect can be Prevent rusting steel, longer service life.
       The Board has a color-coated cold-rolled Board, galvanized Board, electro-galvanized Board, hot galvanized Board. Color-coated finish coating types can be divided into: polyester, silicon Modified polyesters, poly-vinylidene fluoride, polyester, and high durability.
       Color-coated Color can have a variety, such as orange, yellow milk, deep sky blue, navy, crimson, brick red, ivory, porcelain blue.
       Color-coated surface state can be divided into normal coated sheet, Embossing steel coils, printing plate.
       Caitu market uses mainly for construction, household appliances and traffic transmission.
Classification and designation of color-coated Product
Classification Project Project
Use Building topical Household appliances
Building in use Furniture

Coating the surface state
A window made ​​of steel Other Uses
Coated sheet Print version
Embossing steel coils Post Templates
Paint species Polyester Partial polyvinyl fluoride
High durabilityPolyester
Board Type Galvanized aluminum HDG
On the surface Under the surface Coating structure CoatingThickness
Secondary Coating Once Coating 2/1 20-25um/5-7um
Secondary Coating Secondary Coating 2/2 20-25um/10-15um
Painted Product List
Board Color-coated grades
Type Standard Trademark Use

Hot zinc-plated sheet

JIS G3302-1998
DX51D+Z General use TDX51D+Z
DX52D+Z Stamping TDX52D+Z

EN 10142/10137
S250GD+Z Structure TS250GD+Z
S280GD+Z Structure TS280GD+Z
S320GD+Z Structure TS320GD+Z
S350GD+Z Structure TS350GD+Z


JIS G3317-1994
SZACC General use TSZACC
Kind of finish, features and Use
Finish species Features and Applications
Polyester Good adhesion, Color rich in molding and a wide range of outdoor durability, resistance, chemical medium, and low cost; may used in steel construction with a roof, walls and structures
Silicon Modified Polyester The film hardness, wear resistance and good heat resistance; external and good powdering resistance and durability, gloss retention Sex; flexibility in general, the cost of medium; may be applied to steel construction with a roof, walls and structural parts, steel windows, car
Partial polyvinyl fluoride Color retention and excellent UV resistance, excellent outdoor durability and chalk resistance, excellent resistance to solvents Agents, good formability, anti-dirty sex, Color limited and high cost; may be applied to steel construction with a roof, Walls and structural parts
High durability Polyester Color retention and excellent UV resistance, excellent outdoor durability and chalk resistance, paint adhesion Good, rich Color, excellent price; may be applied to steel construction with a roof, walls and structures
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